Gesture Control Wheelchair


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For those “PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED” it’s of Extreme Priority to get easy mobility in case of emergency or need. Many engineering solutions have already looked into this and some much for those physically deprived. But it’s interesting rather sad to note that there is by far no real engineering attempt made to address the mobility requirement of a Specific Segment in Physically Handicapped “Those Who have Amputee Arms”. We all know that the handicapped vehicle which has been used now days mainly works on joystick and it uses battery control system to change direction by joystick and this can only be used by those who are having hands. But our control over the directional motion is very simple. The vehicle we decided to design is Four-Cycle Model, in which we have two wheels at the front and other two wheels at rear. The basic shape of this vehicle is similar to the wheelchair for the handicapped as it’s a well-proven and safe design. For handicapped (leg amputees) there has been an invention of wheelchair which can be moved using hands. But there had been a problem to the people who are both hand as well as leg amputees. For such people there has been an invention of a chair that uses head movements. Manually it can be controlled by moving the hand movement or head movements. He/She just needs to move his/her hand or head in the required direction. This wheel chair can be controlled manually by moving hand of the person and if in case the person is four limbed amputee, we can use the head movement.


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