Electronics Notice Board


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Notice board is primary thing in any institution or organization or
public utility places like bus stops, railway stations or parks. But
sending various notices day to day is a tedious process. This paper
deals with advanced notice board.
It presents an SMS based notice board incorporating the widely used
GSM to facilitate the communication of displaying message on notice
board via user’s mobile phone. Its operation is based on
microcontroller ATMEGA32 programmed in assembly language. A
SIM300 GSM modem with a SIM card is interfaced to the ports of the
microcontroller with the help of AT commands.
When the user sends a SMS via a registered number from his mobile
phone, it is received by SIM300 GSM modem at the receiver’s end.
SIM300 is duly interfaced through a level shifter IC MAX32 to the
microcontroller. The messaged is thus fetched into the microcontroller.
It is further displayed on an electronic notice board which equipped
with LCD display interfaced to microprocessor powered by a regulated
power supply from mains supply of 230 volts ac.
This project is our experiment on real time noticing.


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